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Deer Stalking, Wingshooting and
Wildfowling - what could be more fun?

Migrating woodcock arrive in large numbers from Scandinavia in late Autumn and Winter, and provide very challenging and unique shooting when the plantations are driven by a hardy team of beaters. Bags of 30 to 50 birds per day are regularly achieved.

Geese, Grouse and Snipe
In addition there is the opportunity for walked up grouse and snipe shooting. Wildfowling by the shore, on ponds and on flight lines is also available.

Red Deer
Red deer stalking can be carried out on the estate or by arrangement with other nearby estates. There is an Argocat and Quad Bike on the Estate for carrying equipment and personnel to and from the Lodge to the River or the Plantations.

Open Seasons for Scottish Game

Pigeon 1 February - 30 September
Red Grouse 12 August - 10 December
Snipe  12 August - 31 January
Geese/Ducks  1 September - 31 January
Partridge 1 September - 1 February 
Woodcock  1 September - 31 January 
Pheasant  1 October - 1 February 
Red Deer Stags  1 July - 20 October 
Red deer Hinds  21 October - 15 March 
Roe Buck  1 April - 20 October 
Roe Doe  21 October - 31 March 

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